Tone your Glutes with KHON Wake Up 2Day Chair Workout

Straight leg 1

This weeks KHON Wake Up 2Day Workout makes use of a chair for a great hamstring and glutes slow burn.
Stand in front of a chair, lean forward placing your hands on the seat or handles of the chair. Keep the left leg firmly on the ground and straight. Raise the right leg up and down keeping it straight. As you raise and lower the leg make sure your toe is pointing to the ground and your heel is going straight up toward the ceiling.  Also make sure that you’re your core is contracted, as you move the right leg up and down.  Keep that movement up for 20 seconds.

Next bend the right leg to 90 degrees. Repeat the same movement up and down with the leg bent. You will feel the burn in your hamstring and right glute. Continue this exercise for 20 seconds
For the third exercise on the right leg, keep your leg in the 90-degree angle and pulse the right leg when it is at the highest point possible. You will definitely feel the burn in your right glute. Be sure to keep the right leg at a 90-degree angle and the base leg is as straight as possible. The straighter you can keep your base leg the more stretch you will feel in the hamstring. Continue the pulse for 20 seconds.

Repeat all three exercises on the right leg before switching to the left.

Be sure to stretch after your workout.

Have a great week. See you soon!

NikaHey Guys,

Have you ever done something way out of your comfort zone? 
One of my daughters’ did this weekend.  I have four daughters and I think they are all pretty amazing, but this particular daughter is not the most athletic.  She’s an amazing artist and has a lot of great talents, but I really wanted her to participate in a sport this year.  I wanted her to be active and stay healthy.
She tried swimming, but she said being in the pool wasn’t good for her hair.  As most teenage girls, you can imagine how important her hair is to her.

Well, the other option was wrestling.  With one look at her, you would see that she is definitely not the typical wrestler type.  She’s long and thin…built more like a ballerina than a wrestler…but she tried out and because they needed girls this year, she made the team!

This past weekend was the first wrestling meet. I could tell she was very uncomfortable for a number of reasons:  1. The singlet uniform 2. The ear guards and the hair cap they are forced to wear and 3. She was still very unsure with the rules of wrestling.

When we got to the tournament, a lot of people came up to me and asked what I was doing there. I told them I was there to support my daughter at her first meet. Unfortunately for her, I could tell they expected a seasoned wrestler.  I know there was a lot of pressure on her. 
She said to me earlier, “All these people will think that because I’m your daughter, I should be some phenomenal wrestler.”  I told her, “Don’t worry about them, just do your best.”

It really didn’t matter to me if she won. I was just so proud that she even made it this far. Her coaches and I were impressed that she was attending every single practice no matter how painful the workouts were.  One of the coaches told me they usually start off the season with 12 girls and end up with 2.  Then he smiled and said,  “We thought for sure she was going to disappear, but she’s hanging in there.”

That made me very proud. I wanted her to start something, commit to it and complete the season no matter how difficult it was. Okay…I wont lie to you; I did offer her a small monetary bribe to complete the season. But I think sometimes bribing works if you want your child to gain a life experience from it, right?

Before the match she shared with my wife that she was afraid that she did not know all the rules of wrestling and that she was a little nervous. I spent some time with her before the match and told her not to worry about what you don’t know. Work with the things that you do know and the things that you have practiced. Do the things you are familiar with, the best you can, as long as you try hard and never quit. 
 She had three matches, she didn’t win any, but she put up a great fight!

I was so proud of her, despite the loss.  She faced her fears and that’s what its all about. I hugged her and it felt so good that although she does not think she is a “wrestler” she did really well! Most of all she didn’t give up.  I know she is way out of her comfort zone, but she is giving it all she’s got.

For those of you who are working outside of your comfort zone, or are having a hard time at something, remember that as long as you don’t quit, you are a success.

Core Strengthening Chair Workout on KHON Wake Up 2Day

I have the privilege of doing the KHON Wake Up 2Day Workout on the first and third Wednesday every month. This week’s workout is the first in our “Chair Workout Series.”

Over the next couple of weeks I will show you a few exercises that will work your abs and quads while you are sitting in a chair.  Begin by positioning yourself sitting at the edge of a chair with good posture leaning straight back.
IMG_9077 For the first exercise bring your left knee to your chest while you flex your toes toward your knee. Next you will straighten your leg and point your toe away from your knee. When your leg is extended your toes are pointed and you flex your quad muscle.  Repeat the exercise for 20 seconds.

The second exercise is on the same leg. Flex your toes back toward your knees keeping your leg fully extended. Raise the leg up and down about six inches. Keep the quad muscle as tight as you can. This is an isometric exercise so you want to keep the muscle as tight as you can and it will fire the muscle without stressing the joints. You will also feel this working in the hip flexor as well.

Switch sides and repeat each exercise for 20 seconds.
IMG_9072 Next you will use both legs pulling in the two knees, flex the toes back toward your knees, when you straighten your legs you will point your toes away from your body and flex the quads. Repeat the exercise for 20 seconds concentrating on the toe movement toward and away from the body. You are trying to concentrate on the toe movement to engage the calf muscle as well.
IMG_9073 For the final exercise you will keep your two legs extended in front of you and move both legs up and down within 6 inches. Keep your abs and quads tight as you continue to move your legs up and down.

The whole series should take you about 2 minutes. Repeat the workout two times.

That was the first in my series of office workouts on KHON Wake Up 2Day.

See you soon!



Greater the Sacrifice Greater the Reward


Hey Guys,

Like I said yesterday, there are sacrifices to be made and because my wife Marcia and I wanted to be with our children and celebrate Halloween in Honolulu, we had to make sacrifices of our own.  Which meant we had to catch the red eye flight from Honolulu to arrive in Los Angeles at 6:00 a.m to be at the IBJJF Masters World Championships.

Marcia’s match was at 11:00 a.m. My match would follow at 3:00 p.m. and I didn’t eat or drink anything for almost 18 hours prior to my weigh in.  This was a major sacrifice and obstacle that I had to physically and mentally overcome.

In my book, Becoming Relentless I talk about how overcoming great obstacles and making sacrifices yields great rewards. Today would have been one of them for both my wife and I.

Marcia took 3rd place in the Women’s division for her weight and age. I won my first match, and will advance to the finals today. Check in again later for an update.

Egan win

IBJJF Senior Worlds 2014

Hey Guys,

I’ve been busy with final edits on my book coming out early next year, Becoming Relentless.  I came across a section about challenging yourself and learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

I decided to take my own advice and step back into the competition scene and I am here at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Senior World Championships. Its funny how it brings back all those memories about competition, cutting weight and qualifying for your weight class.

Fortunately for me, I did not have to cut too much, but it was still work to get back down to weight, work on sharpening my skills, and make sure I was in top cardio condition.

This spontaneous decision to enter the IBJJF World Championships has reminded me that it’s always great to challenge yourself, because it just makes you that much better.

The challenge for me this year was a little tougher because I didn’t want to miss taking the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. So the price I had to pay for that was to fly in from Hawaii to California and go directly to the arena to complete today.

Today, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself ahead of your game.  If you need motivation and inspiration you will want to check out my book that comes out early next year!


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